James Murray letter to Frances Hubard, December 24

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James Murray letter to Frances Hubard, December 24


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Norfolk December 24th [torn, illegible]

My Dear Madam,

You will no doubt be astonished at my very
late return to this Country after what was mentioned in my last letter
from Providence; You might almost think I was not coming back
yet I am rather inclined to believe you have justly attributed
it to these vicissitudes of life which we can neither forsee nor prevent

The begining of October I left my concerns, to the management of a friend
& I thought myself fortunate presently afterwards to get a passsage
taken to Philadelphia but, upon the point of sailing, we were detained
three weeks in port by contrary winds. The weather upon the passage
was not the most favorable, & particularly in making the Coast
of Philadelphia it was so chilly raw & disagreeable that I felt
but too sensibly the shock of a sudden change of climate. I have
been confined there to my apartment for five weeks past, with a
fev'rish weakness & [?] in consequence of this, & for the last ten
days durst only venture out in a close carriage, when the weather
was fine. The moment there was a possibility of venturing I
took my passage to this place, where thank God I arrived safe
last night after a six Days passage & without any material
injury to my health. I have no compliant at present but weakness
so that I flatter myself in eight or ten days at farthest to be
able to stand the fatigue of travelling your length. You may

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[torn, illegible] that I shall not be very easy in my mind, untill I have
both heard from you & seen you but how unkind you were
not to drop me a line to this place to say how you were

I have some things to mention which I think will not
be disagreeable but as I expect the boy to call every
moment for the letter, all these details will be best
defferred utnill meeting - Oh that i could eat my Christinmass
dinner with you. O' the vanity of planning. When I left
Providence how secure did I think myself of the happiness of
spending these holidays with you. Fate will have its own way -
How does Miss Charlotte & Betsey. My kindest compliments to them
My Dear Fanny I trust is in perfect health, once more
[illegible] me to my [illegible] spirits.

Adieu My Dr. Madaam,
Yours most Respecfully & Sincerely
James Murray

Address leaf

Mrs. Hubard

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Ink on paper


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