John T. Mason letter to Mann Page Jr., 1787 August 11

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John T. Mason letter to Mann Page Jr., 1787 August 11


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William & Mary
11 August 1787.

Dear Sir

If you are not using Haw=
=kins's abridgment of Coke Littleton
yourself, you will confer a singular
favour on me by lending it to me a
short time. I wish exceedingly to read
it, and know ^ of not single copy but
the one you have.

Our numbers are much re=
=duced since you left us, there are at
present but five Students at William &
Mary. This renders us very dull, but
enables those that please to be very in=

We have often wished, and long
hoped for the pleasure of seeing you; but
your having passed several times thro'
Town without calling on us, or giving
us an opportunity to see you, induces
us to apprehend that this desire is not

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reciprocal. When you had little or
nothing to do you could never find
time or inclination to visit us, we can
=not then hope hope for that happiness
now that you are engaged in the prac=
=tice of the law. I for my own part
feel myself much dissatisfied at your
neglect, and well disposed to quarrel
with you, indeed I know nothing that
will induce me to make up with you
but the pleasure of seeing you soon.

The place from which my Letter is
addressed will sufficiently apologize
for my writing to you on such a scrip

I am dear Sir with
great Esteem & respect
your Obedient Servant
John T. Mason

Mann Page Esquire

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Mann Page junior Esquire

Per James R.

Original Format

Ink on paper


Mason, John T., “John T. Mason letter to Mann Page Jr., 1787 August 11,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed November 27, 2022,

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