Polley Marten apprenticeship indenture with Francis Perdue, 1805 February 1

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Polley Marten apprenticeship indenture with Francis Perdue, 1805 February 1



By this indenture John Franklin and William Roper, overseers of the poor for Campbell County, Virginia, apprentice Polley Marten, bastard of Molley Marten, to Francis Perdue. Polley Marten, three years of age at the time of her apprenticeship was to serve Francis Perdue until the age of eighteen. Polley was to be taught "spinning weaveing sewing and niting."


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This indenture made the first day of february in the year
of our lord eighteen hundred and five in the twenty-ninth year
of the independance of the united states of america between John
Franklin and William Rosser overseers of the poor of north east
district in the County of Campbell of the one part and
Francis Perdue of the same county of the other part witnesseth
that the said John Franklin and William Rosser overseers of poor
as afore said have put placed and bound and by these preasents
Put place and bind Polley Marten a female bastard Child whose
Parrent Molley Marten is not able to maintain her of the age
of these years and nine months to be to be an apprentice with him
the said Francis Perdue Senr and as an apprentis with him
the said Francis Perdue Senr to dwell from the date of these
Presents until the same Polly Marten shall come to the age of
Eighteen years according to the act of the General assembly in
that case made and provided by and dureing all which time and
Term the said Polly Marten shall the said Francis Perdue her
Said Master well and truly serve in all such lawfull business
as the said Polley Marten shall be put unto by the said master
according to the power with and ability of he the said Polly Marten
honestly and obediently in all things shall behave behave her
self towards her said Master and honorably and orderly to wards
the rest of the family of the said Francis Perdue and the
Said Francis Perdue for his part for himself his Executors
and administrators do hear by promis and covenant to and with
the same overseers of the poor and every of them there and every
of there Executors and and administrators and there and every of
there sucessors for the time being and to and with the same
Polly Marten that he the said Francis perdue shall the said
Polly Marten instruct in the usual business of spinning and
weaving sewing and nitting after the best manner that his
family can or may teach and that the said Francis Perdue
Shall also find and allow unto the said apprentis sufficient
meet drink apparel washing and lodging and all other

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Things needfull dureing the time aforesaid and also the
Said Francis Perdue shall teach or cause to be taught
to the said Polly Martin Reading and Writing in the witnis
where of the parties to these presents have entered changeable
set these hands and seals the day and year above
John Franklin Seal
William Rosser Seal
Francis his mark Perdue Seal
James Douglas
Larkkin Foster
David Perdue


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