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has received Inspectors Notes from me for 49 hogsheads
of Tobacco, 34 of which be pleased to have insured.
on the same Terms as if they were your own: the other
15hogsheads I shall desire Messrs: Edwary Hunt and
Son to sell. Colonel William Byrd will be indebted to
me the sum of 217£ Sterling: the 1st day of next Month
it is a yearly claim for Interest due upon a
Bond, & heretofore has been paid punctually,
the whold of which sum shall be remitted to you by the
first Ship that sails from this Province after the receipt
of the same. Messrs James Cuncanen & Hooke
of London, acknowledges by Letter, receiving
10 hogsheas of Tobacco, so long ago as in June 1762 &
as no Account of Sales has been received fo them
I can only inclose an Order for the proceeds of
thereof, which be pleased to have presented for
payment, & Credit my account accordingly

I am Gentlemen Yours &cc
Robert Carter

Virginia 10th May 1764.


At 10 days sight of this my first order
my 2d (of the same Tenor & Date) not paid, pay
to Messrs: James Buchanan & Company or Order
the proceeds of Ten hogsheads of Tobacco marked