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of my Tobacco I apprehend points out a
Mode for managing Tobacco which if attended
too will greatly benefit the makers thereof;
& I have taken the liberty of transcribing
your observations on the Quality & management
of part of my crop of Tobacco, to the end that
my overseers may follow them for the future.

I have given Captain William Thompson of the
John & Prestly an order on my Manager
for all the Tobacco which was made last summer at
some of my Plantations, & when the whole are
collected I expect there will be between
90 & 100 hogsheads The Captai is advised to
divide whatever Tobacco he shall receive on my
account equally between your house & Messrs:
James Buchanan & Company

Be pleased to buy for me two
Lottery Tickets in the State Lottery which is
to be drawn in the month of November next &
forward the Numbers of them to Gentlemen Yours &cc
Robert Carter