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Williamsburg 26th July 1766


Thomas Bladen Esquire

Your friends at annapolis were well on Sunday
last: and in some part of the week before, they, received
your letters dated last may; the ladie's letters, & some
wearing apparel. Miss M, Ogle is pretty: and your
Neice (misss'smamma) has consented that, mr. j, anderson
junior should write a letter to his father, (who is a mercht resides
in london) requesting his permission to marry miss:
So that I believe you will see her shortly at your house
in albermarle street.

I shall relate here an account of a melancholy affair,
which happened in this colony lately, believing it will
become a topick among your neighbours.

Mr Robert Routledge & some of his acquaintance met
pretty early in the morning, of the 3d day of last month
at an inn in coumberland county, & they were joined
the evening following by colonel John, Chiswell: And Chiswell, after
passing some time with the company, began to be very
liberal of oaths, in conversation; upon which Rutledge
who was a friend of Chiswell signified his displeasure:
at which rebuke Chiswell called Routledge a fugitive rebel, a
villian who came to virginia to cheat & to defraud men
of their property; & a presbyterian fellow: upon which