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on her cargo : so that you will act in that matter uniform
ly : The wheat & flour which she ill carry will
cost about 1423£ Sterling; the Dunnage, Duties, Of
ficers fees, Pilotage &cc are reasonable in this

The proposal which you offer in a Letter to his honor
the Governor to engage for 1-3d or 1, 4th part in 1, or 2
Ships to be loaded in this province with wheat
flour or Indian corn was not communicated in
time for me to accept of it : But if my conduct
shall be satisfactory, in this matter I will be con
cerned with your house in a like Scheme on any
future emergence I send this Letter by the
New York Packet & inclose it to Henry Raper
Esquire of London I am, &cc
Robert Carter

Williamsburg 18th December 1766

Messrs Tetley, Finn and Hobson


Pray send to me a dress suit
of Cloaths, to be made of black Cloth; line it with
Shallon, and spunge the cloath : Also a waistcoat
and breeches, to be made of black princes stuf
& suitable to wear with the black cloth coat in the
Summer. Make both the waistcoats without sle
eves I am yours & cc Robert Carter

To Mr Edward Hunt & Son

Pray pay the bill for the waring ap