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apparel as ordered above, which charge to the
account of Sir yours &cc

Robert Carter.

Virgina, Williamsburg 21st Janury 1767

To Messrs Jackson & Ruthifurd Merchants at
Leghorn in Italy.


The Snow Anne Captain Ayres arrived
at the port of Warwick on James river the 14th
day of last month, to take from thence & the port
of Richmond 383 quarters of wheat: The
former is about 5 Miles below the falls, & the
latter is near the falls, and then to fall down
the river from Warwick to take on board the
remainder of her load.

I acquainted you in a former letter that Captain
Ayres had a negative on all the wheat, which
I bought for the Snow, but neither his duty
to you, nor promis to me would incite
him to compel the persons to clean the wheat
who were to deliver it: Although the Snow
lay at Warwick 12 daies before one bushell
of the wheat was put on board: By this neglect
the cargoe of wheat is very sandy, but if Mr
Randolph ^ (who sold that wheat) had passed all the wheat
through the cleaning Mills three times
honestly (as he agreed to do) I beleive even
then the sand would not have been seperated;
for the Farmers on James River treat out
their wheat ^ with Horses & on the ground, & with Horses.