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of last month for 35£ 7s Sterling payable to Doctor H Franks
which pray pay & charge it to the Drawer

Pray purchace 2 state Lottery Tickets, which debet
to me & notify to me the numbers. If they shall
give claim to 5000 £ Stock, or any greater quantity
then subscribe my name in the office Books; but
if the demand be for less, than 5000 £ Stock, then
sell it, & place the proceeds to the Account of, Sirs,
Robert Carter.

To Messrs Scott, Pringle, Cheap & Co, Merchants
on the Island of Medeira - Virginia Williasburg 17th
March 1767   Sirs,

I have annexed to this Letter
an Invoice of some flour shipped agreeable
to the inclosed bill of lading, to which I beg leave
to refer too. You may either exchange the article
immediately, for the very best New York wines, or
postpone the barter as you shall judge most
advantagious : For the wines may be kept and
shipped onboard the Peggey Captain Brown, which I
have chartered & will consign here to your House
She will be ready to receive the Cargo on Lady
day, & it will consist principally of Indian-Corn
Her burthen is about 200 tuns. But if you should
sell the flour immediately, then ship the proceds on
board the Schooner Industry Captain Lattimer, which
charge to account of. Sirs, Yours &cca. Robert Carter.