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my own use: And send me one hogshead of the richest
Malmsey Madeira

As the Peggey is about to go a trading voyage
I thought that a Super-Cargo would be a neces
sary Person; therefor the Bearer Mr Robert Miller
acts in that Employment: and I hope & expect
that he will receive one half of the commission
which will be charged, for executing this consign

By this conveyance I send a negro woman
Mary Anna, to be exchanged for Bullion, or
Madeira wine. I do prefer the former, if it
should be attended with some loss: She is
banished for cruelly Beating one of my
children: She was reared in my nursery,
and is a good Seamstress. I am Gentlemen
Robert Carter

Williamsburg the 29t April 1767.

Invoice of 7'772 bushells of Indian
Corn, & 494 bushells of wheat shipped on
board the Peggey, Captain John Walkenshaw
Master, now lying at anchor, in Poto-River
in the Colony of Virginia, & bound for the Island
of Madeira, on the proper Account & risk of
Robert Carter of this City & consigned to Messrs
Scott, Pringle, Cheap & Co Merchants of,
Madeira, for sale & returns. The Cost of
the corn, wheat & Freight as by Account below.

To 1995 bushells of Indian Corn which I
bought of Ralph Wormeley at 2s/}
To Cash paid to Craft to put ditto on board Peggey     30