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Virginia Currency
Brought over     229 10 0
To 5'738 bushells of Indian corn which
was made at my Plantations in Westmoreland}
    722 17 6
To Cast paid to Craft to put ditto on board       36   3 0
To 494 bushells of wheat at 4s/6     111   3 0
To Cash paid to Craft to put ditto on boa[r]d         3   1 6
To Freight to the Island of Madeira on
8'272 bushells of Grain @ 15 pence
per bushell Sterling
To 25 per Cent on ditto     129   5
To a negro woman Mary Anna       60

Exchange on London at 125£ for 100£ Sterling
Robert Carter

To Mr Robert Miller of Williasburg

the 3d of May 1767


I have chartered the Ship Peggey Captain John
Walkenshaw, to carry 8'272 bushelles of grain, to
the Island of Madeira, which is to be exchanged
for wines of the growth of the Island: and she is
to proceed immediately with the Cargo of wines to the
Port of New -York, in the Province of New-York.
The Peggey is now lying in Hampton Road and
ready to sail : So that when you shall have received
this Packet, you will have got my Instructions
relative to this trading Voyage : But before
you deliver the inclosed Letter, which is directed to
Messrs Scott, Pringle, Cheap & Co merchant of
Madeira Seal it: It is sent open for you to