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my last parcel of Shoes.

Pray put the Shoes, Pumps & Slippers into a Box,
& send it by any ship, which intends to loads either
in James, York or Rappahanoc Rivers. Edward
Hunt & Son Esquire will pay your Bill. I am
Yours &cc Robert Carter

2 pair dog skin, dress Shoes
1 pair ditto ditto Pumps
1 pair blue morocco leather, shoe Slippers
Robert Carter

To the honorable Mr Benjamin Tasker, at Annapolis

Williamsburg 30th May 1767.

Dear Sir,

Yesterday I received your Leter, which was written
last tuesday: and my son Benjamin was greatly pleased
with the Letter & Present, which were addressed to him.

I communicated your Letter to Mr. George Wythe, & Mr John
Blair junior who say that a judgment cannot be entered
till the bond is produced; and if not produced in a
reasonable time after oyer of it be demanded the suit
will be dismissed at your cost: The latter manages your
Business personally in the county court, for only Bar
risters can practice in the general & county courts, & the
former Gentleman is not one. But I advised you
in a Letter, which Mr Aburthnot promissed to deliver, that
Mr Blair would manage your Suits in the county courts.

In the Letter now before me you apprehend, if the bond
should be transmitted here, that it would be delivered to
the obligiors; but the only use intended, is to obtain a
Judgment, which will be entered against all the Trustees:
So that their Estates may be sold to satisfy the same.