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addressed to Edward Hunt & Son Esquire of London
& the latter I took in part of a debt, & canceled it.

Last week I wrote a letter to Captain George Dobbie
of the John & Presley, & inclosed Inspectors Receipts
for 92 hogsheads of tobacco, which I promised to freight
Provided that one half of it should be consigned to
Edward Hunt & Son of London. Pray obtain an in
surance on 46 hogsheads of tobacco on board the John and
Presly (which I shall consign to you) so as to receive
414£ sterling if it should be lost, or damaged.

I drew on you the 20th day of last month for 29£
8..6 Sterling at 60ty daies sight payable to Messrs
Tarpley & Thompson, which pray pay, & charge it
to the account of Gentlemen
Your Humble Servant Robert Carter.

To Mr Landon Carter junior, of Prince William County
near Bull run   Williamsburg 2d August 1767

Dear Sir

Your letter, which is dated the 28th day of last
month, I received the 4th day after it had been written
It gave me great pleasure; and I am obliged on
account of the business you did, and have engaded
to do, in consequence of my Sollicitation.

I am not obliged to Messrs William Bennett & Thomas Attwell
for refusing to deliver my tobacco, for in my letter to
them I directed that they should deliver all of it, which is, or
should be carried to quantico Inspection, to Mr Landon
Carter, junior of Prince William County, or his order. I in
closed to Captain George Dobbie inspectors receipts for 92
hogsheads of tobacco which Mr E, Ransdell had sent to me:
And the only order I gave relative to my crop of
tobacco made on bull-run, & my tenants tobacco that it should
be delivered to you; Therefore I hope & expect that you
will re-demand the crop, & tenants tobacco of Messrs
Bennett & Attwell, & dispose of it, as is mention
ed in my former letter.