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My yearly tobacco rents amount too 25'970 lbs and
when I was writing last month to you, I expected that
part of that Debt had been paid, & that every part
of it you shall receive of Captain James Lane, he
may charge accordingly, at our next settlement

Captain Lane will collect the whole rents, & account
with me for the profits of my quarters for the year
1766, and no longer: I hope to settle that account
myself with Captain Lane: So that whatever pay
ment he shall make to you, on my account, will
be charged accordingly.

Pray demand the hogshead marked No. 1, & dispose
of it, as you shall do, with the other 20ty

Communicate this letter to Captain James Lane, for it,
together with a short one I shall subjon will
be as intelligent & serviceable, as a seperate
letter, which would contain the contents of both
Thereor he shall neither be charged with post
age, nor I the pains of writing it. I am Dear Sr
&cc Robert Carter

To Captain James Lane.


I wrote a letter last month, which was directed
to you, it signified that my relation Mr Landon Carter junior
& Mr John Hough were to superintend my
business, which you had done for several years
that they were to account for the Profits of my Quarters
& the rents, which shall be due for the present year,
to desire that you would pay deliver to Mr Landon Carter junior
all the tobacco, that was made at my Plantations
last year, also all the tobacco, which you had, or
should collect for Rents, which were due for the same