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Be pleased, Sir to communicate this Letter to your
daughter Mrs Ogle, to whom I present my com
pliments, and to my Friends, of your acquaintance
The Subscriber hath the honour to be, Dear Sr.
Your Son
& affectionate Humble servant
Robert Carter

P,S. 18th September 1767

Two setts of Exchange drawn by Colonel Byrd amounting
too £694..10..5 sterling & indorsed by the surviving Trustees
& the Representatives of those dead, except the late
Speaker's Administrators, were returned to me
yesterday, which bills I mentioned in a former
letter, which was directed to you. But on re
viewing the bills I find, they must be renewed
to correct a palpable Error: For the bills are
made payable to thee & not to the Trustees; So
that they would not be lyable if the bills should
be protested. I shall see most of the Gentlemen here
next month, who are concerned in this matter
when the mistake shall be rectified

Your letter of the 5th day of this month was brought
to me yesterday, & if I understand it you direct
me to apply to Colonel Byrd's Trustees to return all
the money they borrow on their joint bond, & pay
whatever Interest that may be due on the same.
If that be your Intention I believe the Judgment
already obtained against two of them, namely
Peyton Randolph & John Page Esquire will enable
me to settle the matter, sooner than if I shall
attempt to get Judgments against the other
surviving Trustees. If I shall be constrained
to order an Execution to issue against the Estates
Peyton Randolph & John Page neither of them will sustain any Loss
for the Trustees will jointly exercise the Power
they have over the Estate, which they hold in trust