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Year 1767

and it will be sold, to satisfy the Judgment: But I
hope that oppressive measure will not be adopted
to compel a speedy & complete settlement

I waited on Mr Everard this day, who hath your bond
he partly promissese to redeliver it, provided
he might indorse on the bond the following words,
or to the same Effect   Memorandum, a Judgment
has been obtained in York County-Court on this
bond, against Peyton Randolph & John Page two of the
Obligors   Shall I, or shall I not take the bond
& power of attorney out of the office?

Fannie & I present our compliments to Mr Ogle
& congratulate you, his Mother & Relations, on
his return to Maryland: and if an Excurtion
to this Place would be agreeable; We shall be
glad to see him, & his Party here. I imagine
he hath informed you of my late importation
of Madeira wine: It is of the best New-York
Quality, & is prisesed at 32£ Sterling per pipe. I have
76 pipes so that if your neighbours will direct their
orders to me, they shall be supplied according &c
I am yours
Affectionately Robert Carter

the honorable Benjamin Tasker of Annapolis

Dear Sr,

Colonel Byrd has renewed the bills which were given
on account of tow Judgments of York Court in favor of you
The bills amount too £100..4..8 Sterling: The sett for
£554..6..5 I shall herein inclose, the other for £143..18..3
I have indorsed your name on the back of it to
show you passed it in payment & you are
credited in my ledger accordingly. The payment
mentioned above will be bettter understood after
perusing the following account.