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to indorse this or any bill Colonel Byrd shall draw
This refusal alarmed the surviving Trustees, & to
gratify some of them I have suied the Executors of
the late honorable Peter Randolph, & the administrators
of John Robinson deceased on their joint bond
executed to you. The suits are brought in York Court
& Judgments will be obtained next February
So that the Estates of the late Colonel Peter Randolph
& the late Speaker may be sold to satisfy your Claims
as well as the Estates on the former Judgments if Colonel
Byrd shall not be ready to pay it the 2d day of
next June.

The inclosed sett of Exchange is for £3..14 Sterling more
than the bill, which was cancelled, this difference
arose on the addition of 5 per Cent interest on 263£
the amount of the Judgment agains Colonel Byrd from the 20th
July to this day

40'430 hogsheads of tobacco were exported out of this
Government from October 166, to October 1767 Our Merchants give
20s/ Virginia Currency per 100 for tobacco: 4s/ per bushell for
wheat & 8s/6 per barrel for Indian Corn. If
you want to buy Indian Corn & will signify it
to me I will direct my manager to deliver
any Qu[a]ntity you shall send for to Nomony-river
at 8s/6 Virginia Currency   I am
Robert Carter

Williamsburg 11th November 1767.

To Edward Hunt & Son of London


I have not acknowledged the receipt of your