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Year 1767

dried? The method is not practised in this Governments,
neither is there one kiln in it.

4thly Is the Ann's Cargo sold? what did the
wheat sell for? What did the flour sell for?

5thly If it shall be thought I have deviated
from the strict Letter of the Instruction; Then wheter
the deviation was not intentionally to serve Messrs
Jackson, & Rutherfurd?

6thly Doth not the letter contradict the Spirit
of the Instruction?

If the loss no the Anne's Cargo shall turn out
to be £385 sterling Messrs: Jackson, & Rutherfurd must lose £120
sterling part thereof, which sum they must have
paid if the Charter party had been annulled.

If it be usual to have Attornies at arbitra
tions be pleased to engage a gentleman (pay
him & debet me accordingly) to attend you &
Henry Raper Esquire, who Messrs Jackson, & Rutherfurd have
chosen their Arbitrator: And if you & he shall
differ in opinion be pleased to agree on an um
pire: So that the matter may be finally settled.

When a Considerate Person is called to decide
a contest, he desires to be fully informed of the
circumstances of the Dispute, that he may decree
justly. And if this Letter, or the Papers under the
Governors Testimonial will enlighten Mr Raper
in this matter, pray communicate the same to
him   I am Sir
Your humble servant Robert Carter.