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5 yards Muslin at 6/ per yard
6 pair white glazed Mitts
6 pair ditto ditto Gloves
1 pair black silk net Gloves
1 black Lace Hood & Handerchief
2 pair small womes white worsted Stockings
125 weight of hard soap.
6 silk laces & 1 pair Cambric @ 40/
2 drinking Cups, of blue & white China, to hold
5 Pints
4 ^ sorted blue & white China Bowls from 1 Pint to 2 quarts
4 lbs of best Snuf two of which Rapee, one to be
sented the other plain, & two of Scotch, one
to be highly dried, the other not.
4 Snuff Boxes of different prices one at 1£ one
at 10s/ & 2 pontipoole on's
6 pair of thread Stockings for Robert Carter.
2 pair of mixed Silk ditto for ditto
3 pair of Stirrups, or under Stockings without feet
2 pair of neat shoes, & 1 lb of perfumed shaving Soap
1 pair Strong ditto
1 pair of Pumps
1 dozen pair of coloured lamb Gloves
2 pair of Breeches, a Coat & Wastecoat the Suit to be
made out of dark coloured forest Cloath, the
Waste Coat to be lined with shallon; the Coat
not to be lined.
harlf a Ream of folio writing Paper
ditto, ditto of Quarto ditto, ditto.
ditto, ditto of cover Letters
1 lb of sealing Wax, red & black
1 box of Wafers ditto, ditto.
1 blank quarto book bound in calf-skin to contain
about 200 leaves
6 papers of Ink powder
1 pen Knife
3 bone dindriff Combs
2 ivory ditto
6 best buckling Combs