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that, or any other business you may casually have
on this side of the water

I have not heard that any gentleman hath
notified the above melancholy accident to thee
& my Idea is, that you should be informed of it
as soon as possible; Therefor hope that this
letter be not unacceptable. I will rest my
apology, to the last period, that I may no longer
engage thee from exercising your own reflect
ions: and am respectfully, Sir
Your very obedient & humble Servant
Robert Carter

Sir Jeffery Amherst, Baronet
Governour of Virginia
in London


Robert Carter presents his Compliments to
Edwar Hunt & Son Esquire, & begs the favor of the latter
to deliver the inclosed letter to Sr Jeffery Amherst
Robert Carter would mention its purport here, if the
Conveyor was not waiting, therefor he desires
that the Gentleman will read & then seal the letter with

He hath received the trunk of books, which
was shipped on boa[r]d the Lord Baltimore, & is
charged of 8£ 11..8 Sterling

Edward Hunt & Son Esquire