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Year 1768


Pray transmit to me a copy of the
Award which shall be made in the
Dispute now pending between Messrs:
Jackson & Rutherfurd

To Mr. Edward Hunt.

July 7th


My Crop of Tobacco made last year
which was formerly shipped marked R[symbol]C
is sold at 20s/ sterling per 100, & the bills of
Exchange to be paid next October. I
advised with your Son & Brother
before I bargained, who was of opinion
that, that tobacco would not nett as
much at London market   I see
Mr Hunt frequently who doth
honour to the Family

If I have not in any former Letter
informed you of my shipping 50 M
lbs of Tobacco on board the Russia
Merchant Captain Geroge Dobbie, &
desired an Insurance, then be pleased
to have it insured to recover 500£
sterling if said Tobacco be either
lost or damaged. Captain Dobbie is
instructed to deliver 25 M lbs of the
Tobacco mentioned above to you,