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my Agency ended, and it is neces
sary that you should enjoin some
Person here immediately to negotiate
those Matters

The Gentlemen or their Represen
tatives who were Colonel Byrd's Trustees
in his absence from Home in some part
of the late War, owe you £3'559 sterling.
I was directed to demand £213..10.9½
sterling arising for Interest from the 1st June
1767 to the 1st of June next following
immediately it became due; also the
principal next November & what Interest
that might be due on the same. Judgments
are obtained against the said Trustees
& their Representatives for £3559
sterling, & their Estates may be sold
instantly to satisfy said Demand

Colonel Charles Carter is also indebted
to you the sum of 53£ sterling arising
on a protested bill of Exchange:
He hath been sued, which Suit abates
& must be renewed

Colonel Benjamin Grymes is in
debted to your Son's Estate upon a
Bond & an open Account Colonel
Nathaniel Harrison is joined in said
Bond: They have been sued, which
Actions likewise abate. Mrs Ogle