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George Wythe Esquire attorney at Law

As to Bell-air House, all the Land
belonging to it, all the Furniture,
Slaves & Stocks of every kind, it is
said that your Son will purchace:
if his Grandmother should not want
said Estate. I approve of Mr Ogle's
Resolution: and hope, that, that [illegible]
healthful & delightful Seat
will be forever the Property of your

With regard to the 2d Object Mrs
Carter & I think, that, that Estate
should not be sold hastily: unless
your Father hath enjoined the contrary

If Mrs. Tasker should incline to
deliver up the money, that will become
a matter of consideration, but if
otherwise, shall be very contented to
receive 6 per Cent Interest on the same.

As to the Debts due from Benjamin Grymes &
Nathaniel Harrision, I did frequently ap
ply for Payment thereof, but to no
purpose: And at last the late Mr
Tasker instructed me to have them
sued, which Suits abated at his Death.
If your-self & Mr Lownds incline that
said Actions shall be renewed, be
pleased to signify your Intention