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My Wife is entituled to 2'500 £ sterling
by the Will of the honorable Bejnamin Tasker
of Maryland deceased. Mrs Tasker
is sole Executrix thereof, who hath
commissioned Messrs: Capel & Osgood
Hanbury & Mr William Anderson to sell
9'000 £ capital Bank Stock part
of the Interest there, which the Testator
devised to her. Those who act for
the other Legatees named in the Will
have signified to me, that they have
transmitted a testimonial to
London signifying their approbation
of the measure Mrs: Tasker had
adopted to comply with that part of
her Husband's Direction. If I had
been at Annapolis should have signed
said attestation, and now take the
method to declare my concurrency

I shall inclose herein an order on
the Commissioners for the whole of my Claim
on account of my Wife   When you
shall have received the money, be
pleased to call on the Person or
Persons who is or are empowered to
settle the affairs of a late Company