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proper Instruments for quilling, &
a pair of small Forceps. Note
my Harpsicord has two Stops only
& was made by Jacobus Kirckman
I am, Gentlmen &cc Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt & sons, Esquire
Merchants in London

Virginia 1st September 1768
Exchange for £2'500..0.. Sterling


At thirty daies sight pay this
my first Bill of Exchange, (my second
nor third of the same tenour & date
not being paid) unto Edward Hunt
& Sons Esquire, or their order, two
thousand five hundred Pounds
sterling money of Great-Britain,
in full payment of a sterling Legacy,
devised by the honorable Benjamin Tasker of
Maryland deceased, to his daughter
Frances Carter my Wife, & place
it to account as per advice from
Gentlemen &cc
Robert Carter

To Messrs:
Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& Mr William Anderson
Merchants in London