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September 1st


My friends in Maryland, have
advised me in writing that Mrs Tasker
hath empowered you to sell 9'000£
Capital Bank Stock, to credit
Mrs: Ann Ogle, Mrs Elizabeth Lowndes,
Mr: Daniel Dulany & myself with
the sum of 2'500 £ sterling each, in
satisfaction of 10'000 £ sterling her
Husband had bequeathed to their
four daughters, & to pay the res
pective Shares to the Persons au
thorized to receive, when they shall
draw for the same. In consequence
thereof have passed my Bill this day
on you for 2'500 £ sterling, (the whole
of the sterling Lecacy devised to my
Wife by the late honorable: Benjamin Tasker)
at 30 daies sight payable to Edward Hunt
& Sons Esquire, or their Order, which I
trust you will duly pay, & debet
said account accordingly. I am, Gentlemen &cca
Robert Carter

To Messrs.
Capel & Osgood Hanbury
& Mr William Anderson
Merchants in London