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estimated in the Inventory at £714.0.0
Maryland Currency only, Mr, Tasker
& I sold sold a part of them £1520
sterling in the month of June 1761,
which were delivered to the Purchacers
then and the appraisers report that
they (the Horses) were at Bel-air
in October 1763   But the Fact is not

A little time before the late Mr.
John Boadly of Maryland died,
he agreed to give 2'000 £ sterling
for Bel-air House & Plantation
but the Land was not conveyed to
him     Robert Carter

To Mr,
Thomas Johnson
Attorney at Law
at Annapolis

November 19th.

Dear Sir

The solemn Promises made by Colonel
John Randolph of this Place to repay
220£ sterling, which I lent to him almost
20ty years ago, have been totally dis
regarded. And am now told that you will
discharge that demand & some Interest
now due on it   Will you satisfy said
Claim? And if thou wilt assume the