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Renouncement of the joint Trust created
by the will of Mr Tasker decesed   I find
by an estimate put into my hands by
Mr Clement Brooke, that Colonel Tasker's proportion
for one year's Disbursements, is 100£ sterling
about 200 £ Maryland Currency, 1600
bushells of Indian Corn & 20 barrels
of Pork, that on the   day of last month
I inclosed Lord Charles Montague's Draft on
London for 50 £ sterling to Mr John Ridout
desiring him to pay Brook's Bills for
one tenth of the Current Money he
shall draw for on Account of the Baltimore Iron Works
& charge the same to me, & transmit
the Bill of Exchange to him. And also
find that I wrote to my Steward in W, Cou[n]ty
on the same day to send 800 bushells of
Indian Corn & 10 barrels of Pork to Mr
Brooke, manager for the B, Company
Previous to these Letters I proposed to
Mrs, Ogle, of the Works, except the Current
money, which she rejected. If Mrs, Ogle,
will concur with me, this Estate shall
be sold next Autumn, & delivered to
the Purchacer on the 1st day of January 1770
I also find that I have expressed my
Sentiments fully concerning Bel-air
Plantation &cca, in a letter to Mr, Thomas
Johnson of Annapolis which is dated
the 19th day of last month, desiering him
to wait on Mrs, Ogle, & agree upon a
time, to sell all that Estate. And inclosed
therein an Advertisement for that Purpose