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till those Slaves be, & the [illegible] Negroes be
sold with Wife & Husband We desire that
you will draw for us when the allotment of the
Slaves, (who are not to be sold) shall be
agreed on when that Lottery shall be drawn
by pleased to inform me how many of said
male & female Negroes belong to me, their
ages & qualifications, & estimate the Whole
My Wife & I had rather let those Slaves
chuse masters in Maryland than send them
to Plantations, for we can not employ them
in our Family.

I do highly approve of your negotiation of
the several matters you have notifyed to
me, & hope that you will sell the Land lying
near Annapolis & in Prince George's County
as judiciously as Enfield Chase tract is
sold for I believe Mr T gave a guinea
per acre for it, only. I shall observe in
a future Letter on your Information touching
Mrs, T's Pretensions to a large tract
of Land lying partly in the Governments of Maryland
& Pennsylvania that I may write to Mrs O
& to Mr Thomas Johnson attorney at An
napolis, by the Bearer.

No man ever did more to gain the
diligent Character than I have done
concerning Mrs, T's Business & my mutual
Trust-ship with Mrs O and I fear every
Letter, which I have written on ssaid
Matters is lost, and as a former
Letter is an answer to the Remainder of
yours before me, shall cause the same to
be copied below, which you will read, or
not, according to the fate of the original.

I am yours affectioately Robert Carter

See Letter to D, D dated 25th December

To the honorable
D, Dulany.