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January 8th


Mr, D, Dulany had not received the 18th d[ay]
of last month, the Letter, which I inclosed
to you so long ago as the 19th of last November
therefor I apprehend that, that Packet directed
to you is lost it contained also the origina[l]
Appraisement of the Slaves & personal
Estate at Bell-air, a part of the Property
of the late Colonel Tasker and an adver[tisement]
to notify that, all, that Interest was to be
sold and it was to beg you to negotiate
an affair of consequence I shall subjoin
Copies of the Letter & appraisement & set
down from memory the literal of the Advertisement

I am, Sir, Yours &cca, Robert Carter

To Mr. Thomas Johnson
attorney at Law,
at Annapolis

See Letter referred to above[?]

February 1st


Your letter of notification of receiving
mine to you dated the 19th day of last
November was delivered to me yesterday only
The conveyance of letters has been rendere[d]
tedious lately by the severity of the wether,
& frequent Rains the winter The services
you have done for me demand my Thanks.
& I do most heartly acknowledge the
Favours If I had attended less to your
Character & situation of Residence, & more
to your Profession & Engagements should
have most certainly joined an assistant
when I was delegating to you my power of
fulfiling the late Mr Tasker's order relative
to Bell-air Plantation &cca, If your
brother be not fully employed I hope
yourself & hee will mutually accept
of that Agency, but if he shall refuse to
act therein, be pleased to engage some