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Person to do the business. I have told
Mrs Ogle that I expect you will nominate
a gentleman who will attend at Bell-air
to take a legal Inventory of all that Estate
immiately that I will attend there
personally on Wednesday the 1st day of
next month I desire that the Assistant
you shall nominate may meet me then
at Bell-air, to receive the money & take
Bonds of those who shall buy on Credit.
Be pleased to engage an Auctioner to sell
the Estate. The overseer should be di
rected to prepare fie[l]ds for Indian Corn
& Tobacco,& take great care of the Stock.

The proposal mentioned in my former
letter to you, which is to effect Mrs Tasker's
Interest, is conditional only, and I beg
leave to say that the hint was not intended
to vex that Lady, nor to embarass you
If opportunity permitted I would men
tion here the Consideration, which induced
me to think that the Slaves & personal
Estate Bell-air should be called a
part of Mr Tasker's Estate, that if that
Estate should sell for a greater Sum
than Hall & Jacob's estimation, then
the Executrix to take that Surplus, & she to
be chargeable with the deficiency, if any
shall happen to be: therefor I must
conclude & am,

Sir yours &cc
Robert Carter

To Mr
Thomas Johnson junior

February 1st


Your letter dated the 16th day of last
month was delivered to me yesterday
only the severity of the weather & frequent
Rains this Winter have occasioned the conveyance
of Letters to be very tedious and I fear