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it at 8s/ sterling the Barrel, to be delivered at
my Granaries on Potomac River If you shall
buy any Corn of me it may be removed
to Annapolis, or to the Baltimore Ironworks
in Colonel Taylor's Vessel, which being ore from
that Company's ore Bank my Pork
was sold before your Letter of enquiry
concerning the Price of it came to my Hands

If I was in quest of Pleasure only,
should lengthen thes Letter, but I disclaim
that Character, and my attention will be
engaged immediately being asked for, by
another, therefor Robert Carter is Madam
your affectionate & most humble servant

Mrs, Ann Ogle

April 17th

Dear Sir,

My late Illness did not yield either to
Exercise or medicine till very lately, so that
I postponed the Consideration of this Trans
action in accoount with the late Mr Tasker, &
Mrs Tasker to that Day The account which I
ventured to form of those matters the 9th
day of last month from memory is erronious
and to shew the mistakes therein I have
collected into two accounts all the Claims and
Payments chargeable to Mr & Mrs Tasker
and all the Credits are allowed from Payments
made to me also all the Profits accruing
on the several Demands put into my
Hands to collect

By the inclosed accounts the Ballance on the Judgment
from Bond Bond of P, Thornton &c due from them
to Mrs Tasker the 22d November 1768 is £3551.16..9
sterling and the Ballance due from Mrs Tasker
to me the 9th March 1769 is £335..6..4 sterling
As I have remarked under several articles
in the accounts beg leave to refer you to them