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Year 1769

Lord Botetourt has had 4 pipes of madeira wine
& 6 are now at the Palace the Casks are crazy
& it is apprehended if they wer not to be moved
before some cooperage, that the wine would leak
& be lost, therefor the Casks shall be repaired,
& then shall be put on board the Hanbury

The Goods belonging to your Father's Estate which
will be delivered to Captain Esten are estimated
by the Appraisers at about 500£ Sterling, so
that yo will insure accordingly if I had
leasure would make a List of said Articles,
but as I have not, beg leave to refer you to the
Bills of parcells, put into each Parcell
I inclose herein Mrs Anne Tasker's Bills on William
& James Anderson for £204..4..8 Thomas Buchanan's
on Perkins, Buchanan & Brown for £48..10..9
Basill Warner's on William Mollason for 7..11..5 The
same, on James Russell for £7..11..1 all said
Bills amounting to £267..17..1 sterling, to satisfy<
a Ballance due from me to your Father's Estate
which Ballance is stated in the inclosde account
I shewed it, & the Bills to Mr Nelson & Mr. Wythe,
who examined into the matter, & approved
of the Payment.

As a joint Letter could not be written to you
by this Conveyance, & thinking the above
Information &cca: &cca might be acceptable
I do venture to impart it singly, & to trans
mit the inclosed Bills hoping that neither of
these Acts will incur Censure. I am
&cc. Robert Carter

To Francis Fauquier Esquire
Hollis Street
in London