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or which shall hereafter accrue or grow due to
them the said Anne Ogle & Robert Carter or to such
Person or Persons as they the said Anne Ogle, & Robert Carter
may authorize & empower to accept the same
in their names & Behalf in Trust to pay
the said Sum of 1000£ Sterling C-B-S- to the said B,B
(now a minor in Scotland about 15 years
old) when he attains the age of 21 years and
in the mean Time in Trust to apply the Interest
of the said Sum for his Education at some
public School in Great Britain and in
Case the said B.B. should dye before he attains
the age of 21 years then in Trust to pay the said
Sum of 1000£ Sterling C-B-S to the Represen
tative of the said B. Tasker to be disposed of
pursuant to the Directions of his said last
Will & Testament And further I do
hereby authorize & empower the said Messrs
Capel & Osgood Hanbury & William Anderson &
the Survivor of them to do execute perform
& finish all & singular Acts Matters &
Things which shall be Expedient & necessary
touching & concerning the Premisses as fully
& effectually to all Intents & purposes
whatsoever as I myself might or could
do in & about the same were I personally
present hereby ratifying & Confirming
whatsoever my said attornies or the Survivor
of them actign in Pursuance of these
presents shall do & perform

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my
Hand & Seal this 15th day of March 1769
Anne Tasker LS

Sealed & delivered
in presence of
James Brooks
J, Ridout
R, Ghiselin   D, N, Publick LS