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May 1st


Be pleased to send to me the sundry Goods, which
are specified below, and you will oblige Sir
Your humble Servant
Robert Carter

2 best cast Razors in seperate Cases Sheaths
1 best Razor Strop made by Smith
½ lb Davison's shaving Powder at the Civit Cat
in fleet street
Senex's Globe 12 Inches diameter   £3.3.0
1 pair usual Glasses of the best sort
in temple frames for Eys of 40ty years   5.6
1 Harpsichord tuning Fork to sound the
note C
2 pair black callimanco Shoes with low heals
small 5ves for Mrs Carter
2 pair green Ditto, Ditto
4 pair strong Shoes 10 Inches long fo my son Benjamin
2 pair neat Ditto, ditto,
4 fine Castor Hats the diameter of the Crown, to
be 7 Inches & 3 tenths, for Ditto.
3 pair Steel Snuffers
1 silver pepper Box
1 mustard Pot}
1 oil Cruit}           all of the best cut glass
1 vinegar Cruit}
4 feet of silver Lace, Loop & Button to lace
a Hatt

To Edward Hunt & Son Esquire
Merchants in London}

May 1st


I wear a pair of the last parcel of Shoes yu sent
to me neither the Fashion nor size of them
corresponde with my former Shoes I impute
these alterations to a message which Mr Robert Miller
had in Charge to impart to you The Size of
the Shoes is partly to my wish but the other