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on said Account. for he promissed last
March to act in that matter

When I shall be advised that Mr Joseph
Galloway has conveyed all his Right
to this 5th part of the Baltimore Iron Works
which your Father sold to him, then its
Sale shall be notified as you desire
I shall deliver the Letter to Peyton Randolph
Esquire the late Speaker of the House of Burgesses
who is one of the Commissioners named
to establish part of a Boundary Between
the Governments of Jersey & New York,
he will pass thro' Annapolis And I do
now anticipate his Pleasure during that
period knowing that the Contention there
is who shall be most civil to Strangers

I am, &cca Robert Carter

To Mrs Ogle.

July 4th Gentlmen

I wrote a Letter to Mr Richard Hunt a few
daies ago inclosing therein Inspectors
Receipts for 79 hogsheads of Tobacco & desired
him to tell Captain Hubbard to fill up
two setts of Bills of Lading for said
Tobacco consigning 40 hogsheads to your House
& the Remainder to Majors Hyndman
& Lancaster pray obtain an Insurance
on the whole 79 hogsheads so that I may recover
1000£ sterling if the ship Thomas shall
bee foundered or a total loss of the
Tobacco in any other manner.

I have not informed you of my late
Drafts on you amounting to £718..14..9
sterling namely £684..9..1 payable to Mrs
Anne Tasker & £34..3..8 to Robert Carter Nicholas
which Bills be pleased to pay & debit

It appears by an English News Paper dated