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Virginia, August. 31. 1769


All the remaining goods of your late father
except what lord Botetourt took, & what we
could sell, of which you shall have an
account here after are now sent in the Thomas
Captain George Hubbard; And We wish them safe
to your hands An invoice & bill of loading
of them are inclosed. It was impossible for
us to take bills of loading specifying all
the Articles we have sent to you; and therefor
we shall be glad if you will furnish us
w ith Receipts for all such Things as have
been & shall be delivered to you, that we
may be able to produce satisfactory
discharges before the persons who will be
appointed to state & settle our Account
of Administration We are

Sir your humble servants
Willam Nelson
Robert Carter
George Wythe

Francis Fauquier Esquire
Hollis Street Cavendish Square
in London

Goods sent by the Thomas captain George Hubbard
master, to be delivered to Francis Fauquier
Esquire in London

FF- No. 1 1 pipe of Madeira Wine ullage 8 Inches
                  2 do                                                             11 do
                  3 do                                                             11½
                  4 do                                                               8
                  5 d                                                                   6½