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September 18th

Dear Sir

The manager at the Baltimore Works wrote
to Mrs Ogle the 11th of last month July to draw
for 12 tons of bar Iron & 20 of pig I have
asked Brooks if I may give an Order for
the like quantity of Iron in right of my
Wife only but his answer is not
arrived When was the Baltimore
Furnace extinguished, & when will it
be rekindled? Drawn on Hunt &
Son of London for Disbursements you
have paid Brooks on my Account, &
inform me that I may advise them accordingly
Colonel John Randolph has not paid any
part of my Demand against him
He thinks that you will either discharge
the Debt, or be Surety for the payment
of it Will you do either? a speedy
answer is desired, which will very much
oblige Dear; which will very much
Your most obedient Servant
Robert Carter

to the honorable Daniel, Dulany
at Annapolis

September 18th


I have impatiently expected a Letter from
from the Manager at the Baltimore Iron Works to
ascertain the true quantity of bar &
pig Iron belonging to the Legatees
claiming under the Will of the late Colonel
asker junior at the last settlement of
those Books but as no such Letter
has appeared I do admit that the Ladies
Ogle, Lowndes & my Wife have 12 tons of Bar Iron
& 20 of pig each taking for granted
that the admission is warrantable from
Mr Brooks's Letter to Mrs Ogle; which
you speak of to me in the Letter before

The Gentlemen who act for Mrs Lownds