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September 20th,


I suspect that some oppossition will hinder
this year the sale of that 5th part of the Baltimore
Iron Works, which we have undertaken to
dispose off therefor it behoves us to
adopt some plan towards satisfying the
common expences of next year. If you
will pay Clement Brooks's order for the
Current money, I will answer his Demand
for bills of Exchange, Corn & Pork, & will
charge the market Price for the two last
named Articles

I have asked Mr Ridout to superintend
Bell-air, & direct the overseer there to
cloth the negroes this Autumn, reserve
Corn &cca for them & the Stocks, to sell the
remainder of the Crop & superfluous
Stocks; to collect from those who owe
Money to that Estate, & get all the Demands
against it & pay them

Who received Mrs Lowndes's Iron, & how
much was here Proportion?

The Direction concerning Benjamin Benson, is
as follows "The Trustees are to pay to
Benjamin Benson at the age of 21 years 1000£ sterling
Capital Bank Stock and in the mean time the Interest
of that sum to be paid for his Education
at some public School in Great Britain"
These words evince that the Testator intended
that the youth should be kept at School
till he arrived at full age. However if
Mr Christie & Benjamin Benson, Preceptor say that
Benjamin Benson is not studious, nor inclines to
either of the learned Professions, I shall
then agree to your proposal, thinking it
advantagious & proper I expect to
hear from Mr Christie by the next arrival

I beg leave to congratulate you on your Son's
Arrival return to Annapolis, & hope the Journey