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that enquiry Be pleased to communicate the
Letter to him I am. &cc
Robert Carter

To Mr James Brooks
at Annapolis

October} Gentlemen

Mr Pelham who wrote the inclosed Direction
recommends Mr Thomas Griffin organ maker in
Fenchurch-Street, and if you be not attached
to another maker, be pleased to employ him
with this caution that he first satisfy you that his
price be reasonable The organ described by
Mr Pelham is less compounded than the following
one, which T-G- estimates at 50 Guineas, Viz
a Principal
                        } through mettal or Wood
a Fifteenth
therefor it is thought will not be so costly
If furniture be stowed in a Vessel where
where the air is in a manner excluded the
property of glue is greatly defeated in
long voyages and I would pay an ex
traordinary freight to have the organ put
in a cool part If the Randolph Captain
Robert Walker do not sail before the In
strument be completed, put it under his
Care whose diligence I commend but if he
be come away then send the organ &cca to
me by a careful & diligent Captain I am
Yours & cc
Robert Carter

To Messrs
Hyndmay & Lancaster
in London