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2 pair silk shoes for a girl of 10 years old
2 gause bibs & aprons to be laced with narrow brown
lace, 2 pair Ruffles, 2 tuchers, 2 Ruffs, 2 fans
all for Ditto.
8 pair of worsted stockings for my Daughter to be of
4 sizes
2 dozen pair thread stockings for Ditto
1 dozen pair red moroco shoes sorted for Do
6 pair small pinch-beck shoe Buckles for Ditto
2 pair brown sagathy, 8 sticks of mohair of same
1 piece fine brown holland, 6 dozen guilded coat Buttons
12 dozen breast guilded Buttons, 8 ounces of brown Thread
6 pair worsted stockings } half for my Son 14 years old
8 pair brown thread } Do Do 12 Do
6 lb best hyson tea, 100lb trible refined Sugar
2 pieces blue plains, 20 then of blue Cloth at 8/ per yard
3 yards Scarlet cloth at 10s/ per yare, 12 sticks red mohair
1 piece scarlet shelloon, 20 dozen best brass livery Buttons
35 dozen brest brass livery Buttons, 6 pair large blue yarn stock
2 dozen large blue coarser stockings 3 dozen plaid Hoes
2 pieces coarse dark brown Fustain, 12 large felt Hatts
6 pair large brass shoe & kneee Buckles for servants

the following Goods from Mrs Carter

1 pair turn Stays, according to measure sent
2 pair black calimanco shoes, small 5ves
3 pair coloured Do Do 1 pair dress shoes Do Do
4 pai fine thread stockings, 4 pair Cotton Ditto
1 black du-cape Sack & petticoat, Stomager &
sleeve Knots
1 dozen pair white kid Gloves, 20 yards fashionable Ribbon
12 yards narrow Ribbon, 2 india leaf Fans
1 Coloured stomager Ruff & sleeve Knots
1 pair of green muscetto gauze, 1 pair silk gree ferret
6 hanks of green sewing silk
2 white hoods to wear with an undress
1 apron do, do,
1 yellow tabby Sack & Petticoat to be flounced
with silver trimming only, to coast about 15£
a stomager & sleeve Knots to wear with the Sack
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