George S. Vest letter to Mary Garrett, 1866 June 14

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George S. Vest letter to Mary Garrett, 1866 June 14



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Williamsburg June 14th 1866

Miss Mary,

Your letter was received about five minutes ago, and
as this day is equally as warm, as the one on which you
wrote, my epistle, shall in the same degree, be limited in
its extent. I am very much distressed that you cannot
forgive the numerous mistakes I make in spelling, but allow
me with the deepest deference, to state, that if you do not
consider me sufficiently educated to sustain a repectable
appearance, and to show in all places your equal, to
immediately relieve yourself of the troublesome burden
of an engagement, which I supppose from your recent
letters greatly annoys you. I am confident that I never
could spell words correctly, but if my meaning is expressed
with sufficient clearness, I care very little for how my
words are placed upon paper. I have had no inducement
to visit Richmond since your departure, it would only
remind me of the sweet lady, who is to me always, "the
morning star of memory", and who's beautiful face is
always before me, brilliant as imagination in its most
exagerated form could possibly picture it. I love you
dearly as you know, but if you think you would be

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condescending in the slightest degree, to marry me,
then by all means, in the next letter you write me, send
the ring I placed upon your finger, and you shall never
more ; No not as long as creation lasts : And the sun shines
in the heaven, be troubled with a lover, you consider
unworthy of you. One of your photographs I still retain,
but if you think it necessary under exising circumstances,
to discard me, I will without the slightest hesitation,
Although my heat might be broken, and my life by
made a miserable void, send both to you.

Anxiously awaiting your reply, and deep;y
lamenting my misfortunes.

I remain, as I alway will.
Your Devoted Friend,
George S. Vest.

To Miss, Mary. Garrett.
Halifax, County. Va:

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Vest, George S. , “George S. Vest letter to Mary Garrett, 1866 June 14,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 4, 2022,

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