George S. Vest letter to Mary Garrett, 1867 June 17

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George S. Vest letter to Mary Garrett, 1867 June 17



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Williamsburg June 17th /67

My Dear Miss Mary

After one of the warmest
trips I ever had, my house was at
last safely reached, where I had the
pleasure of welcoming my sister,
(Mrs Joynes.) and her sweet little
children ; One of them was fast asleep
in my room, and looked so
innocently pitiable, that my hard
heart was troubled, and many
tears forced them-selves into
my eyes. The morning after my
arrival, thinking that Miss Sottie
would probably like to hear from
her sweetest Cousin, and knowing
that she would deeply sympathise
with me in my forlorn condi-
tion, I described to her in
lively colours your cruel
discardal ; for you remember

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before we parted, the bargain
was made, to attempt this
deception upon the good people
of Williamsburg, who deeply
lament my misfortune, and
are completely fooled. Oblige
me, My little darling, by keeping
the truth from Miss Sottie
at present. Since I have
been away, the buisness (or
business I dont know which)
in my special department
has so greatly increased, that
to day I have scarcely time to
turn around, therefore pity me
little Koots, and forgive the
seeming neglect I could not help,
and also the brevity of this
letter, for I promise to write
a long one next Sunday, full
of all sorts of news.

Missing extremely your
charming companionship and

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receiving incessantly the condoling
sympathy of my numerous friends,
(which latter fact relieves somewhat
our seperation) I work hard,
and think of you, and occasionally
laugh : For the time of my
probation is but short.

Give my best love to
your mischievous mother, and
my kindest regards to your
father, and his children, and
believe always, in the undying
love of
George. S. Vest.

Miss M Garrett

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I would like to kiss you gentle one

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Vest, George S., “George S. Vest letter to Mary Garrett, 1867 June 17,” Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed December 4, 2022,

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