Wise and Ware family papers, 1846-1871

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Wise and Ware family papers, 1846-1871




Personal and business papers of the Wise and Ware families. Whether or not either of these families ever resided in Williamsburg, and if so, for how long, has not been ascertained. However, included among the papers are a letter from Parkes Slater in Williamsburg to William S. Ware concerning the unpaid taxes of his sister, Elizabeth [Ware] Wise; also includes a letter from E.H. Lively in Williamsburg to Mrs. Wise offering to purchase part of a lot “next to Dick Christian’s” owned by her and by Mr. Ware’s children; and a letter from William S. Ware to his sister, Elizabeth C. Wise, in Williamsburg. Also includes a letter from Elizabeth Wise to Sally mentioning the weddings of Lucy and Sarah Welsh and a trip to Richmond. Business papers include a store account and a tuition receipt.