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Letters, 1762-1763, between Charles Steuart (1725-1797), merchant in Norfolk, Virginia, and later receiver general of customs for the Eastern-Middle District of North America, and lieutenant governor Francis Fauquier (1703-1768) concerning the unfortunate circumstances of Don Pedro Bermudez and his party, who were attacked by English seamen while in Portsmouth, Virginia. Because of Don Pedro's importance, as second in command of the Spanish Navy at Havana, and the diplomatic negotiations then proceeding between England and Spain, this situation was a sensitive one, and Steuart's diplomatic handling of it is credited with gaining him the position of receiver general. There is also a letter, February 21, 1763, from Don Pedro's son to Steuart, and a narrative of the so-called "Spanish Affair," signed by Steuart and dated August 16, 1789.

Born in Scotland, Steuart was sent to Virginia in 1741 as an apprentice to a Scottish tobacco factor. He was a merchant in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia. His diplomatic handling of a riot led to his appointment as Receiver-General of Customs for the eastern central district and Receiver and Paymaster General of the American Board of Customs. Steuart retired to Edinburgh in 1788 where he died in 1797.

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